Developing Social Skills and Understanding Since 2001!

West Metro Learning Connections has helped over 1000 children and teens lead happier, more social lives by working in partnership with schools, agencies and parents to provide an integrated program for each child.

We don’t just teach social skills — we teach social thinking and understanding so that children can apply what they learn wherever they go.

We help children and adults adapt to new social settings and have fun while learning to FIT IN & SHINE!


  West Metro Learning Connections Mission and Vision

Mission: West Metro Learning Connections, Inc. (WMLC), will enhance the quality of life for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Needs by developing individuals’ social understanding and social skills and by providing professional support services to schools and the students they serve.

Vision: Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder will flourish as happy, successful, confident individuals, fitting in wherever they go, while also “shining” in exceptional ways.

Therapeutic Recreation Opportunities:

Summer Day Camp Information

West Metro Learning Connections offers a unique summer day camp combining social skills development with therapeutic recreation. Using cutting-edge techniques and strategies, we teach individuals on the Autism Spectrum and those with other Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Needs to FIT IN AND SHINE! Our carefully designed and structured activities are taught by our knowledgeable, innovative and nurturing teachers who provide comprehensive and fun-filled skill building opportunities. Participants will experience various field trips such as museums, nature centers, aquatic centers and parks, golfing, theaters, horseback riding, fishing, and much more!

WMLC’s day camp is open to youth ages 4 and up and provides flexibility to create a customized schedule to accommodate your family’s needs.

Campers learn, move and play to:

  • Increase social understanding and social thinking
  • Develop and generalize social skills
  • Build and expand peer interactions and friendship behaviors
  • Facilitate self-awareness, self-management and self-expression
  • Encourage cooperative group skills and teamwork in a small-group setting
  • Develop and practice independent and cognitive skills for life-long success

Additional programming options include: Social Skills Therapy Groups, Friday Excellent Adventures (six hour outings to Valley Fair, Bunker Beach Wave Pool, Boating and tubing on Lake Minnetonka, etc.) and monthly sleepovers.

Where/When: Edina & Excelsior, Mon-Thurs, June 13-Aug. 25

Cost: $65-$580 per week

Contact: Mary Wyatt, 952-474-0227,

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