Employment Opportunities

Part Time Help Wanted

We offer part-time facilitator and assistant facilitator positions during each of our four, eight-week social skills group sessions, as well as for day and night camps, therapeutic recreation, community adventures and sleepovers during and between sessions.

Adult Employees and Volunteers

Because our clients do best with consistency, employees and volunteers are expected to make a commitment for certain hours for an entire session: fall, winter, spring or summer. The eight-week commitment can be for anywhere from 1-½ – 20+ hours per week depending upon needs and availability. Employees and volunteers may also sign up to be on call as a substitute or additional helper as needed.

See our calendar for specific activity dates.

The majority of our clients are high-functioning individuals who need direct teaching, guided practice, and reinforcement to learn appropriate social, emotional, behavioral, coping, self-management and independent living skills. They have average to way above average IQ’s, but still experience difficulty in a variety of social communication and social cognition areas.

Clients may have a very difficult time:

  • Interpreting and understanding nonverbal social communication
  • Assessing and understanding social situations and social cues
  • Discerning and responding to others’ perspectives
  • Comprehending and communicating with abstract language
  • Inferring from situations
  • Making sense of details and putting them together to see the “big picture,” among others

Potential employees or volunteers should be:

  • Very patient
  • Upbeat and positive
  • Skilled in demonstrating and modeling a variety of social and related communications and behaviors
  • Extremely honest and ethical
  • Able to work successfully with minimum supervision

Skills related to being able to participate in and model healthy communication, assertiveness, and conflict management are also crucial. Available opportunities involve direct contact with clients and/or clerical work.

Adults with experience as Personal Care Attendants, Educational Assistants or other health or education backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply, especially those with ASD experience. A background check, is required for all adult employees and volunteers. We have a pay scale with rates depending upon level of education and relevant experience.


WMLC, Inc. does not offer benefits to seasonal part-time employees.

We do provide opportunities to:

  • Make a difference by helping others
  • Gain life perspective
  • Work with a diverse group of people
  • Have fun exploring the metro area
  • Gain valuable work experience
  • Develop leadership and other professional skills
  • Meet new friends
  • Make connections between classroom learning and “real world” practice
  • Further an important cause
  • Investigate career options
  • Give back to the community

Benefits available to regular full time employees include:

  • Health
  • Dental
  • Life Insurance
  • Short Term Disability
  • Long Term Disability
  • Holidays
  • PTO
  • Professional Development

If you are interested in applying for a paid or volunteer position, please download and complete an Application for Employment (doc) or send a resume to Mary Wyatt (mwyatt@wmlc.biz). If you send a resume in lieu of an application, please include your salary requirements.

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