Social Skills Therapy - Ages 5-12

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Our elementary social skills therapy courses provide instruction, demonstrations, modeling, practice, and promotion of transfer and generalization in the following areas to increase skills and opportunities for positive social interactions for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Sample Elementary Social Skills Therapy Course Offerings

(See Current Catalog for Elementary Social Skills Therapy Courses Offered During a Specific Term)

Catching On to Conversation I, II & ITC
Participants increase basic conversation skills with instruction in starting and ending conversations, conversational manners and active listening skills and perspective-taking and social understanding to drive relationship and friendship success.

Catching On to Getting Along I, II & ITC
Parents and teachers report that it has been the catalyst for ongoing social, emotional, and behavioral successes. Focusing not only on crucial skills, the course also provides the social understanding and extensive practice under a variety of conditions to motivate and help participants generalize and add new skills with greater ease.

Fabulous Feelings I, II & ITC
This class prepares kids to develop skills to manage uncomfortable emotions, understand the feelings of others with sympathy and empathy and use verbal and non-verbal communication to identify and express feelings.

Fitting In at School I, II, III & ITC
“Fitting in at School” addresses the social language and thinking skills students need to make them academically and socially successful. We focus on listening, understanding and following written and unwritten rules, asking for help, communicating appreciation for help and more!

Getting Along with Friendship I, II, III & ITC
This course introduces “Friendship Seeds” (ways to grow friendships) and, “Friendship Be-Gones” (actions that hurt friendships), and helps develops skills and techniques for meeting, making and keeping friends.

Managing Anxiety and Stress I, II & ITC
This class helps kids recognize and manage personal signs and triggers of anxiety and stress and explores a wide variety of strategies and relaxation tools to develop their confidence for entering new situations.

Moving On With Friendship I, II, III & ITC
This course focuses on strategies for social problem-solving, empathy, perspective-taking, bullies, non-verbal communication skills and “hidden” or “unwritten” rules of friendship. Designed for those who with awareness and success in basic conversations, comprehension of emotions, and understanding of friendship “types” and “levels” and behaviors that foster or impede friendships.

Notable Needs I & II
This course helps participants recognize and value their own and others’ needs so that they can interact, work and play successfully. Participants also develop empathy, self-advocacy, compromise and brainstorming skills for managing conflict with peers and adults.

Slick Self-Control I, II & III
Participants increase their ability for self-control over the desire to have their own way, to have everything be predictable and the same, and to be right and win in every situation, so they can enjoy the long-term benefits of self-management.

Social Understanding and Self Management I, II & ITC
This dynamic course facilitates dramatic changes in social and behavioral success by providing a framework that guides social thinking, self management, perspective taking and vital, unwritten social expectations and rules with greater emphasis on social understanding.