Lotus Specialized Learning Center

Individualized and Crisis Programming

West Metro Learning Connections is highly regarded for the individualized services we provide school districts, charter schools, virtual schools and home schoolers.  WMLC employs highly trained, experienced specialists who are available to work at your site or at WMLC’s Setting IV placement option.

When WMLC serves as an alternative therapeutic placement site we help  students make a smooth transition to their next placement by accompanying them for a length of time determined by their IEP team.

Evaluations and IEP’s

WMLC conducts MDE-compliant ASD, DCD, EBD, and SLD evaluations and assists with writing IEP goals, accommodations, and developing modifications and supports.

Visit the following pages for more information about our autism spectrum disorder school services:

Check out a great article about our school services in Teacher Today MN on Page 8 by clicking here.


Quotes and Reference Letters:

“I want to thank Debra Schipper and her amazing staff for their support of youth with autism.  We have a wonderful working relationship with West Metro Learning Connections.  WMLC team members have provided support in unique learning situations to both students and staff.  We have learned greatly from each other and I truly admire and respect all that Debra and her team does.” – Director of Special Services, Public School District

“A respectful, creative and collaborative approach allows for partnerships with schools, families and other agencies….Thank you, West Metro Learning Connections!” – Director of Student Services, Public School District

“Evaluations were complete and well-written. Explanations of different tests were described to parents in parent-friendly language. When Ms. Schipper needed to tell a family that their child had Autism, it was done with grace.” – Special Education Teacher, Public School District

“West Metro has provided wonderful services for students that needed alternative options for their learning.” – Special Education Teacher, Public School District