Extended School Year Services

Extended School Year (ESY) services help ensure that children on the spectrum (or with any learning disability) are able to continue learning over the summer in the same way their “typical peers” do.

Because of developmental differences, children without disabilities continue to learn even while not in school, while children with disabilities may need the structure of the classroom to continue learning in the same way and be on par with their peers.

School districts provide ESY services to a student if the IEP team determines the services are necessary during a break in instruction in order to provide a free appropriate public education. At least annually, the IEP team determines a student is in need of ESY services if the students meets the conditions of item A, B or C:

A. There will be a significant regression of a skill or acquired knowledge from the student’s level of performance on an annual goal that requires more than the length of the break in instruction to recoup unless the IEP team determines a shorter time for recoupment is more appropriate.

B. Services are necessary for the student to attain and maintain self sufficiency because of the critical nature of the skill addressed by an annual goal, the pupil’s age and level of development and the timeliness of teaching the skill.

C. The IEP team otherwise determines, given the student’s unique needs, that ESY services are necessary to ensure the student receives a free appropriate public education.

ESY Services at West Metro

At West Metro Learning Connections we offer the following for ESY:

  • Social skills groups with goals and objectives relevant for almost all ASD IEP goals and objectives
  • Individualized to address the critical objectives identified by the IEP team as required by ESY services
  • Monitor and provide a written program review
  • Attendance at IEP meetings

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